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Court Barony

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Award Name
Kingdom of Atenveldt(272 people with this award)
Kingdom of Ansteorra(2 people with this award)
Kingdom of The West(3 people with this award)
Kingdom of Atlantia(2 people with this award)
Kingdom of Caid(4 people with this award)
Kingdom of Meridies(1 person with this award)
Kingdom of Northshield(3 people with this award)
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Principality of Lochac

Award Charter

The title of Court Baron or Court Baroness may be offered to those the Crown of Lochac wishes to honour, for those whose contributions have enriched the Kingdom in unique ways.  It is also often given to Landed Barons at the conclusion of their tenure.

The symbol of the award is a low coronet of 6 points.In Lochac this title carries with it an Award of Arms, and the title of Court Baron/Baroness may be used by all who attain this title. Court Barons and Baronesses are entitled to be addressed as "Your Excellency".

(Kingdom of Lochac, Canon Lore - Court Barony)

0 People with this Award

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