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Reflection of the Dream of One Thousand Eyes

Barony of One Thousand Eyes

Award Charter

 Inspiring the Dream

15 People with this Award

SCA NameDateGiven ByName on ScrollNotes
Einendoch of Hostel Haus This person has a display of Arms in the record2/28/1987  
Jyllian of Bubb This person has a display of Arms in the record3/5/1988  
Geoffrey the Procrastinator3/11/1989  
Chrisogone Thomas of Portsmouth3/11/1989  
Bradan Burleigh3/17/1990  
Isabeau Champdiou de Navarre1/12/1991  
Ysabeau Champdiou de Navarre1/12/1991  
Catherine Owain of Porth Ceri3/9/1991  
Goffredo Pugno di Ferro6/28/1992  
Anna Zauberkunstlerin This person has a display of Arms in the record1/16/1993  
Natalia Tanzenwolf1/22/1993  
Armando Ramos el Caido8/21/1993  
Osondrea Elspeth Gabrielle de la Bete10/23/1993  
Vanya Montclaire11/19/1994  
Aurore de Flanders10/26/1996  

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