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Order of the Velvet Owl

Kingdom of Meridies

(Fieldless) An owl's head cabossed within and conjoined to an annulet argent.

Award Charter

  1. The Consort may induct into this order those subjects who have shown outstanding skill and accomplishment in the arts and sciences. Those who have gone above and beyond normal expectation for subjects of Meridies, who have passed on those skills to the populace through regular teaching and sharing of ability in their particular specialty, and who have consistently displayed courtesy and chivalry in an exemplary manner.
  2. The power of induction into the order rests solely with the Consort of Meridies. Companions of the order are entitled to place after their names the initials “C.V .O.”
  3. Companions are styled and announced in procession as Companions of the Order of the Velvet Owl.
  4. Members of the Order who are elevated to the Order of the Laurel shall be styled as honorary members and shall no longer participate in the consulting of the Order. They may still attend meetings and voice opinions, but they may not participate in the voting process. 

2 People with this Award

SCA NameDateGiven ByName on ScrollNotes
Domingo Diaz de la Vega y Martin This person has a display of Arms in the record This person has a personal photo in the record1/10/1988  
Amber Bikkisdottir9/16/1994  

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