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Modern Location: ASU, Tempe Arizona
Branch Status: Dissolved


The College of St. Brigid was the first (at least as far as I was able to find out) entirely educational SCA group. Dame Alianora, Lady Clothilde de Navarra and I founded it as an ASU sponsored club with Lady Clothilde as the faculty sponsor (she was a Librarian at the Law Library at the time.) Alianora was Dean (seneschal) I was Warden (A&S minister) and Clothilde was Bursar (herald)

We held monthly meetings and taught SCA 101 (a nod to the ASU class numbering system) and various classes on history and the arts. It was open to all ASU students and to anyone from the Barony of Atenveldt which was the sponsoring SCA group. I believe the we were technically been a canton of the Barony of Atenveldt.

The college was founded while Baron Bartholomew and Baroness Melissa were B&B of Atenveldt and continued during the tenure of Joseph and Alianora as Baron and Baroness. We closed the College after it became clear that the following Baron was not interested in continuing the educational purpose of the College.

The College device was registered in April 1983 as Vert, on a bend Or between two straight armed St. Brigid's crosses Or, a laurel wreath Vert.

Baron Bartholomew and Baroness Melissa granted the college the right to give an un-official award, called St. Brigid's Bow, whose insignia was a fieldless St. Brigid's cross, to the people who were significantly involved with the College. They went to Alianora, Clothilde, me, Stefan Waldev, Bartholomew of Wolftwaine, Melissa of Greenbranch, Lady Lyonina Fairhair, Joseph the Good, and a really neat guy I remember only as Rusty who had myasthenia gravis.

-Dame Katherine of Cate Hall

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