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List of Awards for Kingdom of Atlantia (23 Awards)
(23 total results.)
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Group NameAward Name
Kingdom of AtlantiaDuchy
Kingdom of AtlantiaViscounty
Kingdom of AtlantiaOrder of Chivalry
Kingdom of AtlantiaOrder of Laurel
Kingdom of AtlantiaOrder of Pelican
Kingdom of AtlantiaGolden Dolphin
Kingdom of AtlantiaOrder of the Pearl
Kingdom of AtlantiaSea Stag
Kingdom of AtlantiaGrant of Arms
Kingdom of AtlantiaCourt Barony
Kingdom of AtlantiaAward of Arms
Kingdom of AtlantiaAugmentation of Arms
Kingdom of AtlantiaCoral Branch
Kingdom of AtlantiaOrder of the Opal
Kingdom of AtlantiaKing's Award of Excellence
Kingdom of AtlantiaKing's Champion
Kingdom of AtlantiaQueen's Order of Courtesy
Kingdom of AtlantiaShark's Tooth
Kingdom of AtlantiaSilver Nautilus
Kingdom of AtlantiaThe Fountain
Kingdom of AtlantiaThe Undine
Kingdom of AtlantiaCommander, Atlantia Cavalry
Kingdom of AtlantiaPrincipal, Atlantian Order of Chivalry
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