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List of Reigns for Barony of Twin Moons (11) Reigns
(11 total results.)
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ReignRulersDate Range
1Mathghamhain and Beth6/20/1992 - 10/8/1994
2Mathghamhain and Katerina10/8/1994 - 6/5/1995
VicaryUko and Francesca6/6/1995 - 3/28/1996
2Mathghamhain and Katerina3/29/1996 - 12/6/1997
3Dietrich and Ynez12/7/1997 - 8/18/2000
4Uko and Francesca8/18/2000 - 6/21/2003
5Tristan and Damiana6/21/2003 - 3/11/2006
6Thomas and Isabel3/11/2006 - 5/9/2009
7Morgan and Elizabeth5/9/2009 - 6/23/2012
8Bran and Deletha6/23/2012 - 6/13/2015
9Alystyr and Greta6/13/2015 - 6/13/2018(Current)
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