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Mathghamhain MacAlpine

Last Known Residence: Barony of Tir Ysgithr
Arms of Mathghamhain MacAlpine: Purpure, a pair of wings conjoined in lure bendwise abased argent, in chief three hearts in fess sable, fimbriated argent.
Purpure, a pair of wings conjoined in lure bendwise abased argent, in chief three hearts in fess sable, fimbriated argent.
Rank in OP: 30Image of Mathghamhain MacAlpine

Awards Received

Award NameGroup NameDateGiven ByName on ScrollNotes
DuchyKingdom of Atenveldt9/5/1998Douglas and Amanda  
CountyKingdom of Atenveldt3/2/1996Brion and Anna  
ViscountyKingdom of Atenveldt9/19/1987Brion and Anna  
Master of Arms(Retired)Kingdom of Atenveldt2/15/1982Amayot and Kerensa Resigned Master at Arms under TRM Brion and Anna, 5/4/1996
Order of the PelicanKingdom of Atenveldt10/8/1994Thorfinn and Sarah  
KnightKingdom of Atenveldt7/6/1996Brion and Anna  
Founding Baron or BaronessKingdom of Atenveldt6/20/1992Mark and Jaqueline 1st baron of Twin Moons, Atenveldt
Thegns and BannthegnsKingdom of Atenveldt12/7/1997Arthur and Tamira Barony of Twin Moons 1st baron 6/1992-6/1995, 3/1996-12/1997
Lions of AtenveldtKingdom of Atenveldt5/1/1999Douglas  
Commander of the Light of AtenveldtKingdom of Atenveldt5/5/2012Craven and Elzbieta  
Guardians of Atenveldt - CommanderKingdom of Atenveldt7/4/1992Mark and Jaqueline  
Light of AtenveldtKingdom of Atenveldt8/14/1993Elric and Larissa  
Guardians of Atenveldt - CommanderKingdom of Atenveldt9/5/1998Douglas and Amanda  
Solar PhoenixPrincipality of the Sun5/8/1993 given by Christopher and Katerina
Iron Dragon -- SergeantsPrincipality of the Sun11/19/1994 given by Ivan and Katherine
Star of the Desert - ArgentKingdom of Atenveldt2/14/2010Eduard and Asa  
Flower of the DesertKingdom of Atenveldt10/15/2011Arthur and Gabriela  
l'Ordre de la Lune BleueBarony of Twin Moons12/7/1997 given by Dietrich and Ynez
Crimson Mace of Twin MoonsBarony of Twin Moons6/22/1999 given by Dietrich and Ynez
Award of ArmsKingdom of Atenveldt10/21/1979Koris and Leah  
King's SigilKingdom of Atenveldt3/7/1998Arthur  
King's SigilKingdom of Atenveldt5/1/1999Douglas  
King's SigilKingdom of Atenveldt11/3/2001Balor  
King's SigilKingdom of Atenveldt5/3/2008Eduard  
King's SigilKingdom of Atenveldt11/1/2008Areus  
King's SigilKingdom of Atenveldt5/2/2009Walrick  
King's SigilKingdom of Atenveldt11/7/2009Craven  
King's SigilKingdom of Atenveldt11/6/2010Tristan  
King's SigilKingdom of Atenveldt5/7/2011Areus  
King's SigilKingdom of Atenveldt11/5/2011Arthur  
King's SigilKingdom of Atenveldt5/5/2012Craven  
Queen's CypherKingdom of Atenveldt11/3/2001Haley  
Order of the Solar HeartPrincipality of the Sun3/13/1993Katerina  
Sword of the SunPrincipality of the Sun5/15/1993Christopher  
Esprit de CorpsPrincipality of the Sun11/19/1994 Premier Given by Erick and Nichelle Documented by scroll
Prince's Sigil of the SunPrincipality of the Sun7/20/1996 given by Drusilus
Prince's Sigil of the SunPrincipality of the Sun1/18/1997 given by Sterling
Fellowship of the Boar - VertBarony of Tir Ysgithr10/20/2007Ivan and Ian'ka  
Fellowship of the Boar - ArgentBarony of Tir Ysgithr11/8/2008Ivan and Ian'ka  
Fellowship of the Boar - OrBarony of Tir Ysgithr3/20/2010Tighearnain and Sabiha  
Fellowship of the Boar - PurpureBarony of Tir Ysgithr1/28/2012Zhigmun' and Aleyd  
Artemisian Order of GracePrincipality of Artemisia3/2/1996 given by Prince Seoinin Irontree of Artemisia

Offices and Other Positions Held

Position TypeOfficeGroupStart DateEnd Date
Kingdom of Atenveldt3/7/1998 9/5/1998
Barony of Twin Moons3/29/1996 12/6/1997
Kingdom of Atenveldt9/2/1995 3/2/1996
Barony of Twin Moons10/8/1994 6/5/1995
Barony of Twin Moons6/20/1992 10/8/1994
Principality of the Sun3/21/1987 9/19/1987
Principality of the Sun5/17/1986 7/19/1986
  Estrella War Battlefield Set-up Coordinator
Kingdom of Atenveldt5/1/2007 3/1/2010
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