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Robin of Rhovanion

Last Known Residence: Kingdom of Atenveldt
Arms of Robin of Rhovanion: Sable, on a bend sinister cotised argent a scarpe raguly gules.
Sable, on a bend sinister cotised argent a scarpe raguly gules.
Rank in OP: 645
Additional Names or Spellings:
Rabban ar-Rashid
(R) indicates the name the person has registered with the college of heralds.
(P) indicates the person's preferred name/spelling.

Awards Received

Award NameGroup NameDateGiven ByName on ScrollNotes
Grant of ArmsKingdom of Atenveldt1/9/1993Trelon and Varia  
Light of AtenveldtKingdom of Atenveldt5/24/1981Johann and Malinda  
Hawk's LureKingdom of Atenveldt12/7/1985  
Fleur de SoleilKingdom of Atenveldt2/14/1987Trelon and Daphne  
Commander of the Solar PhoenixPrincipality of the Sun12/6/1986  
Solar PhoenixPrincipality of the Sun4/25/1981  
Esprit de SoleilPrincipality of the Sun7/23/1983  
Fanged WolfPrincipality of the Sun6/8/1985  
Lamp of YsgithrBarony of Tir Ysgithr12/6/1980  
Award of ArmsKingdom of Atenveldt6/30/1978Johann and Malinda  

Offices and Other Positions Held

No Offices Recorded.

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