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Lucius Aurelius Valharic

Last Known Residence: Kingdom of the Middle
Arms of Lucius Aurelius Valharic: Sable, a gorgon's face within a bordure embattled Or.
Sable, a gorgon's face within a bordure embattled Or.
Rank in OP:
Additional Names or Spellings:
Valharic Caligula Aurelius
Lucius Aurelius Valharic(R)(P)
(R) indicates the name the person has registered with the college of heralds.
(P) indicates the person's preferred name/spelling.

Awards Received

Award NameGroup NameDateGiven ByName on ScrollNotes
DuchyKingdom of Atlantia9/1/2007 Logan V and Rowan I
CountyKingdom of the Middle9/28/2002 Tarrach and Fina
KnightKingdom of the Middle8/17/2001 Bardolph and Brigh
Order of LaurelKingdom of Atlantia1/13/2007 Ragnarr III and Anneke I
Lions of AtenveldtKingdom of Atenveldt5/3/2014Morgan  
Order of the PearlKingdom of Atlantia8/16/2006 Michael VIII and Seonaid VI
Golden BladeKingdom of Atenveldt11/7/2015Morgan and Elizabeth  
Crimson Mace of Twin MoonsBarony of Twin Moons10/26/2014Bran and Deletha  
l'Ordre de la Lune BleueBarony of Twin Moons7/18/2015Alystyr and Greta  
Order of the Red CompanyKingdom of the Middle1/10/1998  
Award of the Dragon's ToothKingdom of the Middle8/19/1999  
Royal Augmentation of ArmsKingdom of the East8/13/2003 Darius II and Roxane II
Augmentation of ArmsKingdom of Atlantia9/3/2005 Robert I and Denise I
Augmentation of ArmsKingdom of Atlantia3/20/2009 Jason I and Gerhild I
King's SigilKingdom of Atenveldt5/7/2016Casca  
Queen's CypherKingdom of Atenveldt5/7/2016Melissa  
Order of the Royal VanguardKingdom of the Middle4/15/2000  
Order of the SapphireKingdom of the Middle4/15/2000  
King's Award of ExcellenceKingdom of Atlantia4/3/2004 Ragnarr II and Kyneburh II
King's Award of ExcellenceKingdom of Atlantia9/4/2004 Cuán V and Pádraigín II
King's Award of ExcellenceKingdom of Atlantia4/2/2005 János I and Rachel I
King's Award of ExcellenceKingdom of Atlantia9/3/2005 Robert I and Denise I
Queens Order of CourtesyKingdom of the East8/8/2007 Aikaterine
Shark's ToothKingdom of Atlantia10/8/2011 Cuán VI and Pádraigín III
Order of the Phoenix's ClawBarony of the Sacred Stone10/13/2007 Marc and Alianor
Companions of the Lion d'OrKingdom of Trimaris3/15/2008  

Honorary Titles

Award NameGroup NameDateGiven ByName on ScrollNotes
King's ChampionKingdom of Atenveldt11/8/2015Casca  
Kingdom WarlordKingdom of Atenveldt9/8/2013Morgan and Livia  
Baronial Champion of Champions - Hard suitKingdom of Atenveldt11/10/2013Zhigmun' and Aleyd representing Twin Moons
Captain of the Royal GuardKingdom of Atenveldt11/2/2013Morgan and Livia  
Baronial DefenderBarony of Twin Moons10/28/2013Bran and Deletha  

Offices and Other Positions Held

No Offices Recorded.

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